LG brand has revealed the price of the new available LG G R Watch price in Germany officially. The android wear will be cost €299 in Germany and available in October in the retailers that has curved P-OLED display.

Till now, LG G R Watch is the most expensive than the newly available Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch with good features. However, the price of the android wear has not announced for the United States. But, it will nearly to $400 priced of LG G R Watch in US.

LG G R Watch price announced in Germany officially

However, we are thinking to have the LG G R Watch at only $299 in United States too when it will reach to the Atlantic too! However, Moto 360 is priced at $249.99 that is still affordable with same features and turns a good deal to the users.

LG G R Watch price is really higher to you, then, feel free to share your opinion and comment regarding the new android wear.