Unlike Apple and Samsung, which are heading towards a bigger screen for their smart phone design, LG is heading towards a compact screen design. The latest product from LG, yet to be launched, LG G Flex 2, is rumoured to have smaller screen display. However, the confirmed screen size details are not released yet.

Even though it has smaller screen size, it will have a higher resolution than FHD. A smaller screen size and a higher resolution mean that it will produce a higher pixel density, leading to a more detailed and sharp image.

There is no confirmation that LG G Flex 2 will have the same self-healing back that was very unique in original device, LG G Flex. LG G Flex is the predecessor of LG G Flex 2. Furthermore, we can expect this device to be curved from top to bottom whereas compared its peer, Samsung Galaxy Round, is curved from side to side.

LG G Flex 2 is expected to launch in South Korea, followed by US and India respectively. The released date is expected to be the end of the year. Pricing is also unknown at this moment. There is no information about the exact specification and feature of the smart phone either.