LG has confirmed that LG G Flex 2, successor to LG G Flex and LG Vu 4, successor to the LG Vu 3 are to be launched in the second half of this year. This news was announced by LG after the unveiling of its much awaited flagship smartphone LG G3 in Seoul, although the Korean company didn’t say anything about this during the G3 launch at other places namely London, San Francisco, New York, Singapore and Istanbul.

lg-g3-LG G Flex 2 and LG Vu 4-press

In Seoul, after the unveiling of LG G3, the company held a special press conference to announce its intention of launching the LG G Flex 2 and LG Vu 4 in July-December half of 2014. There had been a rumor that LG G Flex 2 would be launched in Q1 of 2015. It now appears that the device would be launched much earlier than that or may be Korea will get it first in H2 of 2014 and the rest of the world will get it in early 2015. However, LG has not revealed any other details about these two upcoming smartphones.

LG G Flex 2 and LG Vu 4-2

LG G Flex was one of the first phones to sport a flexible display and a self-healing back panel. Its successor the LG G Flex 2 is expected to be an improvement with better display, aspect ratio and back panel. Coming to the LG Vu series, it’s a phablet with an odd 4:3 aspect ratio. It has not been much accepted in the international market, although it has garnered a decent business in Korea. It remains to be seen whether Vu 3 demand is limited to Korea or whether it gains acceptance internationally.

LG G Flex 2 and LG Vu 4 -3

Meanwhile, let us wait and see if any rumors and leaks emerge and tell us more before the LG G Flex 2 and LG Vu 4 are officially lunched.