Since many days,we have been hearing about a new handset codenamed LG Liger with the model number LG-F490L. Now, it appears like LG is launching this new smartphone with its own Odin chipset. As per a tweet from @upleaks that has surfaced on Monday, the handset coding the model number LG-F490L will become the first device to use the Odin powered chipset.

The LG Odin chipset is said to have entered mass production in April. Rumors claim that this processor will be appropriate for the high-end devices suggesting that LG has come up with a better processor this time.


So what exactly is the LG Liger? There are widespread speculations that LG-F490L could be the alleged LG G3 Prime that is an upgraded variant of LG G3. But, as the device is tipped to arrive with Snapdragon 805 SoC, there are claims that this new smartphone could be the sequel to their curved phone – LG G Flex.

The LG Odin chipset is believed to come in two configurations – octa-core and quad-core support. The octa-core version will be using the ARM architecture.It will arrive with Quad-Core 2 GHz Cortex A15 and Quad-Core 1.4 GHz Cortex A7 processors for light and extreme tasks paired with Mali T604 GPU.

LG has confirmed that an LG G Flex 2 will be available during the second half of the year.At the same time, it might also be the LG Vu 4 to, a phone we hasn’t been particularly looking forward to, but using it to introduce a new chip might be a smart move by LG to get the phone better attention. Either one of these models could be the LG Liger LG-F490L, which makes sense.

Really, though, there’s not a lot of strong evidence convincing us what Liger is one way or another. We’ll just have to keep looking for more info before we can really nail-down how Odin chipset will premiere.

Anyways, we need to wait until LG officially reveals something regarding the alleged LG G Flex successor.