The two leading companies in the global display market, LG Display and Samsung Display are working to develop new types of technologies which will offer new experiences for their customers. The two new technologies that are currently being developed is transparent displays and flexible displays.

Transparent display is a technology whereby a picture can be displayed on a glass. It is currently being used in commercial aircraft, fighter planes and billboards.  On top of that, it is also used in luxury sedans to display the driving information which is placed in front of the driver. Some of these luxury sedans which currently use this technology are Hyundai Motor, Mercedes-Benz and BMW. A senior official from LG Display informed the public that the development of this display technology is already completed and the promotional prototype is also available, however, it will take some time to commercialize the product due to demand and supply.

The other technology, flexible display, is a paper-like display which produces the same quality when the product is bent. The challenge of this technology is to make the display as accurately as possible while making the product as light as possible.  The stage of evolution of flexible display technology can be defined as curved, bended, foldable and rollable. Some of the examples of the products which is using this technology is LG G Flex 2 and Samsung curved edge display which is placed between the first and second stages.

The flexible technology is currently used in mobile devices as well as wearable devices. However, it can be further expanded to entire IT industry including laptops and monitors. An official from Samsung Display said that the commercialization of foldable smartphone will be made possible in 2016.