Most smartwatches have a problem of low battery life because the batteries powering them are so small. Even with light usage they last for a day with difficulty. Luckily, LG’s chemical engineering arm LG Chem has come out with a solution to this problem. They have developed tiny hexagonal battery which has more capacity and offers an improved battery life.

This hexagonal battery has been developed specifically for smartwatches and its hexagonal shape is ideal for circular displays. LG Chem has already started shipping these batteries to global smartwatch manufacturers. The company says that these hexagonal batteries offer 25% more storage capacity compared to the traditionally used batteries. According to the company, more IT firms will be introducing smartwatches with round displays in the second half of the year.

LG Chem-Hexagonal Battery-2

Woo Byeong-Min, spokesman for LG Chem told The Korea Times, “LG Chem has started selling hexagonal batteries to global tech firms. The batteries, manufactured in Nanjing, China, where LG operates massive battery factories, will be used in upcoming smart watches.”

Mr. Woo said that the hexagonal battery was the first such battery in the industry and has been developed in collaboration with a top technology company though he declined to reveal its name. Although he did say that it was not Apple or LG Electronics.

He also claimed that this battery adds four hours to the battery life and these batteries will also be used in circular smartwatches which the company plans to launch in future. LG also plans to launch batteries in different shapes for other devices such as an L-shaped battery or a rectangular one with a hole in the center.

LG Chem plans to become the top global supplier of tiny batteries by 2018.