The surprise
During the last couple of months, LG has made several announcements regarding its line of smartphones. These include the already popular G4, G Flex 2 and a few others. Recently LG gave public a glimpse of its new smartwatch at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015. However, the company has not officially launched or presented it yet.

New smartwatch
A strange smartwatch got public attention at the press conference of car manufacturer Audi at CES 2015. One of the officials of Audi controlled the self-driving car using this smartwatch. This new smartwatch has a circular display just like that of LG G Watch R. Nonetheless, it must be a new model because there are three buttons on the right side of the device. At the moment, it is being assumed that it runs Android Wear; however, that is not confirmed yet.

LG’s silence
LG is not saying anything about this smartwatch for the time being. However, people are making random guesses that they will come to know about the details of this product in the coming days. A few weeks ago, there was a rumor that LG would be showing a new smartwatch at MWC 2015 which is going to be held during March 2015. The rumored smartwatch is expected to be G Watch R2 which is LTE-enabled. It is not sure whether the smartwatch seen at Audi’s CES press conference was the same smartwatch or not. Therefore, people will have to wait for some time.