Earlier this year, there were quite a bit amount of rumors regarding the LG Isai FL device. Yes, this is the very same design having its design very similar to the LG G3. The handset was exclusively made for one of the Japanese carriers KDDI and had very thin bezels of just 1.15mm thickness. The LG Isai Fl was the first handset to have a Quad-HD display with a 500ppi pixel density. The device was announced just few months back and now LG and KDDI have come out with a refreshed version of the device namely the LG Isai VL.

Looking to its specs, the device comes with a 5.5inch Quad HD display having an excellent pixel density of 534 pii. Well, there are even few areas wherein the VL Isai model surpasses the FL model such as the RAM and the call making capabilities. The Isai FL model offers 2GB of RAM whereas this VL model offers 3GB of RAM. The LG Iasi VL model is considered as the first VoLTE enabled devices in Japan and is even water and dust proof.

With the LG G3 being this hit in the market, everyone’s eyes would be now on its successor LG G4 which could possibly have some similar specs as that compared to the recently launched LG Isai VL. This device is said to be exclusively available in Japan only.

source: KDDI