Two new portable projectors have been announced by the brand LG; both of them are LED projectors. There are quite differences between the devices in case of specs and usage terms.

PF1500 is a full HD native resolution projector with capability of 120 inches diagonals output. 1.1 factors is the optical zoom feature of the image enlarging section. Now, connect your smartphone, tablet or PC using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi system because this can work both wired and wireless.

The projector has a compact design at 132 x 220 x 84mm measurements and LG promises to provide 10 years support in case 8 hours a day. That calculates, the projector will support up to 30,000 hours, weight is only 1.5kg, quite good for the users.

LG Dubbed PW800 projector is a TV tuner that can go up to 1280 x 800 pixels resolution and can be used instead of a TV. This model also comes with same lifespan of 30,000 hours and 140 x 140 x 50mm measurement. However, its brightness can go at 800 ANSI lumens but only .06kg weight.

The model will be available 3 to 6 weeks before shipment on Amazon with a price tag of $999.99 price. The press release of the two products will be available soon for the United States and Korea. At the same time Amazon has not listed the PW800 model yet.