LG Electronics has launched its new Music Flow System aimed to optimize the home audio systems. This new Music Flow System is designed by a wireless integration of Music Flow Player app with wide range of speaker units. In this system, the new Music Flow Speakers H3, H5 and H7, a HS6 Sound Bar and a network Bridge are wirelessly connected through a dedicated smartphone app running both for iOS and Android. This enables users for selecting the device for playing music wirelessly via NFC just with a tap on their smartphone.

The system’s HomeChat integration will allow you to communicate with the service using the Line app in case of asking any music recommendations for creating a playlist. A streaming service integration is also present which enables few of the music services like Deezer, Spotify and Tunein to offer music along with cloud integration of your own collection.

The 40W H5 and 70W H7 will be made available in UK this month along with the R1 Network Bridge. The system will come to other European markets next month at the IFA 2014 Berlin event after which it is expected to roll-out in the global markets soon.