Chinese handset manufacturer Lenovo has just arrived with the new futuristic projector smartphone. This concept was being showed by the company’s concept designers at the Lenovo Tech World Conference held few days back. This new projector smartphone comes with a focus-free laser projector and can turn any surface into a touchscreen.

Take a look at the promo video that shows that the handset is very good for being used as a piano, a keyboard or even a gaming screen. However, no specs for the device have been revealed and the commercial availability of the handset is also not certain.

The focus-free laser would help to project the image to any surface and at any depth and angle in order to provide an equally sharp image. This means that the handset can also be used as a projector for watching movies or presentations. Now its to be seen how the touch part of the projected image works.

Well we believe Lenovo soon to be coming out with a handset with this interesting concept. For the meanwhile watch the video below.