Chinese computer manufacturer Lenovo had earlier launched its ThinkPad 8 in January this year. It was its first Windows 8 powered tablet of the year and now, the company has unveiled its ThinkPad 10 sporting a 10” display on the device. The Lenovo ThinkPad comes with a 1920×1200 pixel resolution, a quad-core Atom processor and a 64-128 GB of in-built storage with an additional microSD card slot provision.

Lenovo has ensured that is offers all the essential protection coverage to its device and thus hosts an aluminum body with a toughened Gorilla Glass protection. Not only this, Lenovo ThinkPad 10 also offers an 8MP rear camera along with a 2MP front-facing one. Additional features include fingerprint and Smart Card readers, 4G connectivity and Trusted Platform also includes an optional pen support along with various other accessories.

Lenovo ThinkPad Chiclet Keyboard Lenovo ThinkPad Pen Lenovo ThinkPad Dock Lenovo ThinkPad Touch Keyboard

It accessories include a keyboard case with Chiclet keys and a thinner touch keyboard case as found with the Microsoft Surface. Both these accessories cost $129 and $119 respectively. Moreover, this summer, the company will introduce a ruggedized case with an adjustable hand strap for $69 and a Quickshot case which will automatically launch the camera and take a photo and comes for $50. This Quickshot cases will carry a holster for the above mentioned optional pen costing $50.

A $119 dock with USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI port and a Ethernet jack is also available. The Lenovo ThinkPad will be made available in June for a price for $499 a bit above its 8” sibling.