Lenovo Has Much To Present at WMCLenovo is planning to give a surprise this MWC expo, as it is in preparation of launching at least its five new phones, and all of them will be slim in appearance.

Those days are past when Lenovo used to build its plastic handsets of value-for-money, due to the reason that now the company is in one of the top Chinese manufacturers. Beginning from the metal layered X2, which is followed by the remarkable Vibe Shot which recently came into view, and in the future there will also be some mobile phones about which the firm recently revealed.


Looks like the flagship of the Lenovo is Vibe X3, due to its large display, stereo speakers, fingerprint sensor on back and with all the other features. According to the reports, the mobile phone has a display of 5.5 inches, with Hi-fi 3.0 sound system which means it has a dedicated amplifier. The handset after Vibe S3 is the Vibe S1, which comes with many different shades.

Lenovo Has Much To Present at WMC
The next handset that comes is the Vibe P1, which has a large battery of 4000 mAh battery with an octa-core chipset of 64-bit. Other than that the mobile phone runs on 2 GB RAM with Android 5.0 Lollipop as an operating system also the mobile supports 4G LTE, while the P1 Pro has an enormous battery of 5000 mAh with a fingerprint sensor on front.

Supposedly both will get charged up pretty quick and for the chassis will have a ceramic nano coating. Let’s wait and see what MWC reveals about them.