Hector Xavier Monsegur

Hector Xavier Monsegur had once been sought after for cyber attacks waged against the US government. He was convicted for hacking into thousands of computers from back in 1999 then later on running a computer security firm.

The computer hacker has this time been on the right side of the government as he collaborated in helping disrupt cyber attacks on NASA, the congress and other vital targets aimed by the Anonymous crew of hackers. Since 2011 when he was arrested, Monsegur took this task and prevented hundreds of attacks.

The prosecutors pleaded for his leniency and Loretta A. Preska, the U.S District Chief Judge thanked him for all his coöperation and assured him of not serving more than seven months in prison as he had done two years ago. This alters his previous sentencing that had given him at least twenty years behind bars.

His criminal records are dated from 2011 when he joined hands with Anonymous due to frustrations on Julian Assange; WikiLeaks founder, not being arrested. He formed a group called LilzSec known to have made hack on major companies like Nintendo, PayPal and other renown organizations then bragged of stealing private information on online platforms.

Once the FBI caught up with Monsegur, he was able to guide them on LulzSec and Anonymous workings and how best to counter their attacks on all the three he was confined.

Now that his prosecutors have pleaded for him, his attorney has taken a step further stating that his client will be seeking for work once he is a free man. This would be a big opportunity for the government to tap into him and offer him a worthy post in online security.