To celebrate Leica’s 60 years since the release of M3, the German manufacturer has launched the new product Leica M Edition 60.  The unique thing about this camera is that it does not have a display screen. Thus it reminds the user about the days when the film photography was popular.

Apart from looking like a film camera, it also needs the same care and attention as the film camera. However, not to worry, Leica M Edition is a digital camera.


Since there is no display screen, there is no interface to adjust things; the user can only do it using dials and knobs on the camera manually. The dial knob is to adjust the sensitivity of the photos. The user also cannot review on the photograph that they have taken; they can only do it once it is being transferred to the laptop to ensure that the focus, white balance is according to the user’s expectation.

Photographers can compose and frame each pictures in the viewfinder, set the aperture and shutter speed and press the shutter release on the right moment.

Leica is only making 600 units of this model. There is no details on the pricing but it will be available in October with Summilux 35mm f/1.4 lens.