The discontinued Motorola XOOM 3 tablet’s pictures were leaked recently. The pictures show the third version of Motorola XOOM series. From the leak we can see that the tablet was near to its market release when it was abandoned by Motorola. The leaks show the pictures of the  XOOM 3 tablet prototype.


The leak reveals that the tablet has Kevlar coating on its backside and its overall looks are similar to the Droid smartphone. The phone possibly runs Android JellyBean and it has very thin from factor. Not much can be deduced from the pictures, but XOOM 3 was possibly discontinued after Lenovo’s acquisition of Motorola from Google. The tablet seemed to be a Droid Xyboard device due to its Verizon branding on the backside.


The major reason for the discontinuation of XOOM 3 is failure of both XOOM and XOOM 2. The Motorola was not successful in striking the cord with tablet buyers which resulted in company droping the the whole XOOM series. But the features of the XOOM 3 show that Motorola is still working on a perfect combination of hardware and software for a tablet. The future of Motorola’s tablets looks promising after the company was able to capture the smartphone market with its Moto series. So we may hopefully see a great tablet from Motorola in future.