As rumours have it,Samsung’s next Tizen featuring smart-watch which  is presumed to be capable enough to make/take calls, and send/receive email without being tethered to another device. The watch is also expected to incorporate a heart rate monitor, a camera, GPS, and Bluetooth. It is almost official now as per released some Samsung patent applications.

The primary idea of looks will be something like this. With its circular face, the watch in the applications comprised of the USPTO by Samsung, looks like the brother of the Motorola Moto 360. From the patent images, we figured out that it will be dependent on the gestures to control the functions of the wearable. One of the images of watch highlights the fact that user is  moving two fingers away from each other, in front of a reader that is apparently located on the back of the band.


2014-06-01_09-58-50 2014-06-01_09-59-06

Speaking of co-incidence, the timing of the expected release of these patent applications aligns with the leak about Samsung’s new wearable. The patent showcases a device that will fetch its network connectivity via tethering with a smart-phone or tablet. This makes it against the stand-alone features about the new smart-watch. So it might turn out that these patent applications have no relevance with the leaked-wearable images as expected from the company in upcoming summer. Meanwhile, it still could be a slight hint of connection between these patents and the upcoming device, which will be giving idea about the Graphic-User-Interface or the design of the watch. Let’s see how the details progress further.