After getting expected success from Microsoft Surface Pro 2, Microsoft is going to release Microsoft Surface Pro 3 soon in the market. However, there are many rumors about the Surface Pro 3 of Microsoft; this is expected to thinner and bigger than the previous version.

Leaked News about Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and Microsoft Surface mini tablets 2

However, you also have some leaked news of Microsoft Surface mini tablet that may come with Intel i-3 CPU, 64 GB native Storage and 4GB RAM that costs $799. However, the cost depends on CUP model that costs $799 to $1999 because of Intel i7 CPU. Moreover, the screen resolution can be 1080 x 1440 pixels on 7.5-inch display with 4:3 ratios. Also, a rumor highlights this will be an active pen support tablet that designed especially for messaging. This new Microsoft Surface mini tablet will be available in Silver color but no estimate time from Microsoft.

We have learned from the trusted source that Microsoft Surface Pro 3 will have larger screen probably 12-inch display while the Pro 2 has 10.6-inch display. If you got any new leaked features of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, we will let you know soon with the estimate time of this new tablet.