Rumors that Apple’s iPhone 6 handset will be the company’s largest phone yet are coming from all angles. An image  claimed to be the front panel of the device has emerged onlinealong with a picture of batteries purportedly designed for the interior of the phone has appeared. Sources said iPhone 6 battery will offer a juice of 1700mAh marking incremental addition to its capacity following 130mAh increase between the iPhone 5 (1440mAh) and iPhone 5S/5C (1570mAh).


The leaked image shows connection pins at the top of the batteries, rather than the regular side, which could be because the device will need to accommodate a larger display. The iPhone 6 will no doubt use the Sharp IGZO low-power screen technology as employed with the iPad Air and iPad mini 2 Retina to improve battery life.

The image leaks of front panels and cases also continues to surface up to the anticipated announcement of its larger size. Apple apparently plans to include a bezel-less design with the rumored 4.7-inch model to continue to allow one-handed use, while the 5.5-inch “phablet” model will appeal to those consumers who are not concerned about operating their phone with one hand.

IPhone 6 front panel cover

Leaked images are concluding that Apple has finally resigned itself to a large-screened display following an industry trend prevailing in recent years. As projected launch date of iPhone 6 less than few months away, keep hitting our blogs on Apple regularly to get more confirmation on the leaks of most eagerly awaited smartphone of 2014.