It seems like Motorola is trying to put something different on the plate with its new Gold Moto 360. We all know that Motorola is known mostly by its cellular phones but jumping into a different track such as wrist watches, that’s kind a different thing. Gold as a jewelry will never be out of trend. Though there are already gold edition watches from different brands but this one can stand out. It has been leaked early by Amazon, so why don’t we take a sneak peek on this product? Here are a few leaked Gold Moto 360 images.





The company is trying to make it affordable and timeless which gives you options to save money, from its reasonable price of $299 for gold steel band to $249 for cognac-colored leather strap. The strap can be 23mm for large wrists and 18mm for others.


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The lug ends are not that visible which gives curve to emphasize the thickness of the bezel.


The plate offers a lot of style as well, it depends on its strap. But basically if you want to make it simple, just stick to the old gold base. But if you’re looking for a new look, try the black base with its blue green,red or yellow sweep second hand. While the hour hands are just too playful to stick with white or black.

 It’s just a matter of time before you can see the big picture of  the Gold Moto 360. The question now is which design do you preferred?