The consumer class-action lawsuit has filed in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California on May 1 against the Google. Google Inc has been charged for enforcing device manufacturers in making its default search engine on the Android devices.

The PC World reveals that internet giant makes secret agreements inorder to set its default search engine and to put its apps, such as Google Play and YouTube. Such agreements increment the price of the products which eventually drives up the cost for customers.

The lawsuit suggests that Android devices would be cheaper if Google’s rivals could compete for the same status on devices, the report added. Google’s Android is a free OS given to manufacturers and certified on different carriers. Google (GOOG) derives revenue from advertising, rather than on selling the OS itself. However, it is argued that consumers want to see a full suite of Google applications in their devices,which forces the manufacturers to enter secret agreements called Mobile Application Distribution Agreements(MADA).

The lawsuit assures that the smartphones as well as tablets would cost cheaper if Google’s rivals were given the chance to place their services on Android devices.We expect that customers who have purchased Android devices since 2005 will get compensation if this lawsuit prospers.