Apple and Google were battling for the patent in courtroom for quite some time. It was expected that this battle between the two technology giants would continue for one more year. However, both companies have finally decided to end the prolonged legal battle. This decision came when both companies realized that they should now try to reduce the ongoing rift between them as there are many other important issues that need to be addressed. Apple and Google know that they are the top two companies of Silicon Valley so they agreed to come to a point where a mutual agreement would benefit both of them.


During the last few years, the market of consumer technology has rapidly grown up. Both Apple and Google have a big share in this market. It is quite common that the top-rated companies often have lawsuit cases against each other. Nevertheless, it was observed by many that Apple and Google are focusing more on legal battle for the patent instead of giving more attention to the development of the products. On last Friday, a great development was made. The two companies issued a joint statement saying that from now on they will be focusing more on the development of their current and new products instead of what they were doing before:

From now on Google and Apple have decided not to continue with the legal proceedings for the patent against each other. At the same time, the two companies have come to an agreement for joining hands for improving some part of the patent.

At the moment, both Apple and Google are heading in the right direction by ending the legal battle between them, and preparing how to deal with the patent issues in the future. However, it doesn’t seem that both companies will reach to a point where they will support each other to use the technology. The position of both companies is quite strange; both of them are rivals because one has the iOS while the other has the Android. Therefore, it is not strange to know that their deal doesn’t include any type of merger or adjustment. It is more like a ceasefire.

This news is a great progress because both Apple and Google are the major companies of the industry, and their decision to stop lawsuit battle is a relief for many. However, there is really nothing in the news for an average consumer yet. An average consumer has great expectations from both companies to announce something that would benefit him as well.


For quite some time, Apple and Google have spent a great amount of money on the legal system and patent lawyers. Now both of them can utilize their time and money on developing new products and improving their services. After this great progress, everyone is hoping for the same type of deal between Apple and Samsung so another dispute comes to end, and things can move forward.