Latest News on Samsung Gear VR

It has already been told that the Samsung’s VR headset will be introduced by the company at IFA, which will be held in Berlin in September. The headset will be known as Samsung Gear VR according to the ongoing rumors. A picture was leaked on the internet showing the device. A Samsung Smartphone can be sync with the headset through a USB port. The phone is the display source for headset which will provide the user with virtual reality experience. The photo showed that the phone can be kept in one place through a lid.

The Samsung Gear VR has been in the news for quite a time now. The features of the device include OLED display and touchpad. The rear camera of the Smartphone captures video images which are then forwarded by the phone to the Gear VR. The leaked picture showed the Samsung Galaxy S5 next to the device.

The leaked photo also showed a Gamepad controller by Samsung. While the gamepad can be used to interact with the virtual reality, sensors are also included which can convert the hands movements into motion. The gamepad is much like an older version of the Playstation controller.

The Samsung’s headset is code named as Project Moonlight and as mentioned above, it is expected to be introduced at IFA next month. The Gear VR SDK is expected to be released soon after that.

It is not known when the device will be launched exactly or whether the leaked photo showed the final product or just a prototype.