HTC has planned to launch a new model named HTC One M8 Prime Smartphone at the end of the year that will be 5.2-inch display. Moreover, HTC is supposed to replace the HTC One Max from the market because of dismal revenue in US and European market last year.

HTC ONE m8 prime

On the other hand, the rumor news sources believe that HTC is not going to announce the new Smartphones with Nexus 8 tablet in the upcoming I\O event. Instead, Google is supposing to hold another event to launch the product separately in the market in next months. However, HTC can be the next contenders who are going to give the design ideas to the next Nexus Tablet of Google.

Latest Info of Nexus & HTC One M8 Prime

However, Google has selected the brand ASUS to have the next 2 Nexus 7 tablets with design and other manufacturing tasks. At the same time, LG brand is also in the battle to get the order of making the Nexus tablet to give design ideas. But, HTC will be the strongest companions to other brands to give the disposing philosophy because of the greatest success with the HTC phones. Are you really interested to hold on with Google to get the next Nexus tablet from HTC?