It seems like there is lesser things to look forward from Android-based smartphone. Most of the newly launched smartphone running on Android are having more or less the same feature as the previous version. When we talk about innovation, it means the idea which is out of the box and meant to revolutionized the device be it hardware or software.

Lets us take a look at Samsung. Recently, Samsung has just released two new smartphones which are Android based, Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. Instead of adding new functionality to the device while keeping the rest the same, Samsung has revamped the design of Galaxy models for the two new models. It is no surprise that the company aims for 70 million plus global sales. However, the two models do not have microSD slot as well as removable battery which is seen as a small sacrifice.

HTC One M9, another smartphone which is running on Android has the same design as the previous model with small updates here and there. Sony is releasing Xperia Z4 soon. Apparently Xperia Z4 will have the same design as Xperia Z3 but with enhanced processor. Huawei which is going to release the new P8 comes with a slimmer body, updated camera, better display, longer lasting battery life and new processor. It seems like Huawei is doing a lot more than the other two smartphone manufacturer.

LG has made headlines with its LG G3 which was released last year as it comes with a Quad HD display. This year, eventhough it is not confirmed yet, LG is going to launch G4 which comes with tweaked display, bigger battery and new design options.

Above are some of Android smartphone manufacturers which its name is popular in the industry. It seems like it is reasonable to just release one new model each year while looking for other innovative ideas to be implemented in the device.