Kyocera is know in coming with stronger built and rugged smartphones as it did with the sapphire glass display with its DuraForce. When it comes wto coming up with smartphones with novel ideas, Kyocera is always at the front. One such example is about its interesting concept called Proteus which is a flexible device that can transfer the handset into a wearable and back.

Now, the company is all set to unveil a new handset at the MWC 2015 expo next week that comes with a Wysips Crystal technology which allows the handset to charge itself from light sources. The Wysips component is a layer, that can be placed below or above the touchscreen panel. This is a very ultrathin component and does not have any significant effect in icreasing the thickness of the handset.

This is the first of its king solar-poered charging handset. There are many such other tech projects going that feature charging ot batteries with the use of sound and the recent Microsoft’s light beam charging methods. Take a look at the video below.

via: G for Games