99% smartphone users are depend on the Li-Ion battery to charge the smartphone. First time, the amazing charger appears in the market that has introduced by Kickstarter.

Kraftwerk has developed a German-made portable USB charger that will really impress you. With the exterior design and light weight, this is a power bank for the smartphone users. Seriously, people will become confuse watching the charger about how it use and for what will be used? Kraftwerk mobile charger is dealing with the same question right now.

German-made portable USB charger can charge your smartphone within 3 seconds without any power. There is no battery inside the charger; in fact, this is a fuel cell that works on some steady electrical current and chemicals. It leaves water and heat after the reaction of charging is done. It is a dependent grid-independent charger that can charge an iPhone 11 times.

200ml of fuel tank is available in the charger that you can recharge at any time. Currently, the 400mA to 2000mA battery smartphones can be charged very easily. The output power remains between 2W to 10W to give full support. The latest, amazing and fuel cell charger is available for $99