KinScreen Apps  has a feature to extend the functionality of Samsung’s Smart Stay functionality found in some of its smartphones. The Samsung Smart Stay functionality uses the device’s front camera to detect whether you are still using the device by detecting your eyes, and thus, the display is not turned off.  Unfortunately, this feature eats up battery life and it only available in Samsung’s devices.

Alternative for this functionality can be found in KinScreen.  KinScreen is suitable for users who like to keep their display awake when they need. It is a little bit different from Samsung Smart Stay but it has the same objective. Instead of using the camera, it uses accelerometer which is found inside most of all the smartphone to detect whether the device is still being used so that the display is not turned off automatically. On top of that, KinScreen can be used not only for Samsung but other Android Smartphones.

The way that it works is very simple. When the phone is in movement, the display stays on, however, when the phone is static, the screen goes off. There are three motion sensitivity components in the app.  Firstly, the accelerometer detects when you are holding the device and prevent the screen from turning off.  Secondly, if the handset is still or laying on flat surface, a 20-seconds timeout is automatically activated and lastly, the proximity sensor detects the close proximity of your pocket’s walls and set a 10-second countdown before it turns off the screen.

KinScreen is free from Google Play, however, you can create custom timeout profiles if you purchased it for $0.99.

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