A new feature is adding on the Android and Windows Phone named “Kill Switches.” Google and Microsoft have signed the agreement with the NY Attorney General in order to add the stitches.

Secure our Smartphones” sense has agreed with the security section where the Smartphones will have the safety guard to preserve personal data safe. With the feature of “kill switches”, the users can remotely setting in order to keep phone safe from theft.

Earlier, the kill switch in Android and Windows Phone feature was rejected by the law of the California. But, the same feature again approved in May that no mobile phone is billed before installing the kill switch software in California.

Kill Switch in Android and Windows Phone Soon

The New York City Attorney General has reported that 19% of crime of thefts has decreased because of the Kill Switch feature to the iPhone. Apple has brought this extra ordinary feature in order to reduce the rates because previously the rate was too high. However, Samsung Smartphones has not this feature yet that therefore, 40% robberies have increased in this type of sets.

However, the news of getting the Kill Switches app in the Windows and Android Phones has not reported. But, the agreement indicates that the app will soon be available in every phone of the Nokia Windows Phones and Android Phones.