Last year, Pressy has revealed a project named Kickstarter for customizable hardware button. Finally, the project will be delivered to the backers of China within some weeks. According to the official report, Pressy has shipped the Kickstarter to the backers to China and that will need some time depending on the location of backers.

Kickstarter Backers Going to Get Pressy in Upcoming Weeks

For those who do not have any idea of Pressy is a simple slot that can be used in the 3.5mm headphone jack for using the button as someone likes in the Smartphones. An android app will be used to customize the function of using the jack to any user’s interface. Earlier, Xiaomi, the manufacturer company of China has launched the same kind of product named MiKey that has drawn good attention from the users.

The primary estimated goal of Pressy makers was only $40,000 while they have reached to the $700,000 funds from this single product. Last year, August was the month when the project has started and finally, the backers are getting that Pressy for Smartphone. Also, the new customers can easily order for the Pressy using Smartphone at only $27. However, there is no announcement of the date when the customers are available to purchase and shipping to the addresses.