In last few days, we have highlighted the top features that you can expect from the upcoming LG G Watch. Now, we have also the announcement of releasing date for the market from the official LG Brand. However, most of you are expected to have the announcement of this Google I/O Smartwatch at the end of the June Month.

The Expected Date of LG G Watch Free for Google I O Attendees

Recently, we have also got the awesome rumor about LG G Watch that it will be available in reasonable price. Moreover, Google has given freebies I/O to the users for having perfect sense along with good development. Moreover, there was a release date of the LG G Watch under Google I/O especially in the United Kingdom that was 7th June, 2014. Moreover, you can expect to have lower price than Samsung Gear 2 Neo Smartwatch to have a good market for the competition.


Announcing LG G Watch and Motorola Moto 360 is in the plan during the Google I/O program. However, the rumors have not fixed the date of announcement of these two devices. Moreover, more Android Wear devices will show off in the I/O program too! However, no one knows about the fix and suggestions about the announcement date.