Jolla's Sailfish OS

Saapunki is the freshly released Sailfish OS update 6 and update 7 combo that Jolla has just announced. This update has brought bug fixes, performance improvements and some latest features. However, if you are thinking that Jolla is going to stop, then you are wrong. The company is ready to launch another update in the coming month. Jolla next improvement, update 8, is set to release in the month of July.

The changes that update 8 will bring are given as follow:

•    Separate synchronization schedule for different accounts
•    Multiple files uploading in browser
•    Supporting file filtering by file type
•    Capability to provide per account email signature and sender name
•    When messages app are sent to background, messages saved as drafts
•    Launcher area will get the addition of webpages shortcuts
•    Easy accessibility to write in Chinese
•    Better and advance HTML email viewer
•    Beginners tutorial app has been improved
•    Each Android app displayed in the home screen in its own window
•    In the Store client, search word auto completion provided
•    For generic mail account and Google, enhanced layout is given

It is not sure that all these mentioned changes get completed till July, but it is also expected that Jolla may add some more features.

It has also been announced by the Jolla that update 9 will be available in late August or in the starting dates of September that will have some more additional features to improve your experience with Jolla.