Just few months ago, Jolla has made Sailfish OS for Nexus 4 that is up to date time to time. Next update of Saapunki will be available in next two weeks for the Jolla phone. The update was tested on the Jolla’s Smartphones first for marketing.

UL and connectivity section have improved in the new update for the Jolla Smartphones. However, experimental version is also added to the Nexus 4 update.

This is easy to access to the Jolla account in order to download apps for your Nexus or Jolla Smartphones to get pre-installed apps. No selection and restriction for using the apps because Jolla apps are open for all users of Smartphones.

Jolla Sailfish OS Saapunki update for Nexus 4

Jolla Sailfish OS saluki update will not be available for most of the Android OS because of lack of supporting. However, Nexus 4 users can use the Sailfish OS for running very comfortably while android apps will be hiding from the Nexus 4 users.

However, Nexus 4 users may find some error on the Android apps after using or returning from the Sailfish OS Saapunki update. Moreover, you will have IMEI reading mistakes if you do not use any SIM card in the device.

Moreover, Sailfish OS Saapunki update leads your Nexus 4 some problems like auto adjustments for backlight, lower speed of We-FI during screen lock and slow chat notifications.

Saapunki update for Nexus 4 and other devices will brings some improvement including, Better Sync Options, New Bluetooth profiles, folder support in launch area, extended 4G support, Customizable lock screen shortcuts, Updated browsers with HTML5 connect support.

Nexus 4 Jolla Sailfish OS Saapunki update will bring you some tools and update version may be nearly 248MB for the users to download. However, the process of the downloading and updating the OS will be available on our blog after launch officially.