JDI Announces New Smartwatch Screen

JDI is counted in the category of big mobile phone developers; now the Japanese firm has declared about the launching of its new smartwatch screen. As it is visible in pictures that it has a round appearance and is of a reflective kind.

The developers of the device state that such design will provide the smartwatch with enhanced battery life. The reason behind it is that JDI’s smartwatch power consumption can reach as low as 0.5% or less, on comparing it the with other standard LCD module.

According to the company the smartwatch’s reflective design can attain this due to the reason that it is different from a normal LCD panel, which uses up 80% of its battery life on backlight.

Other than that, the display of the device remains bright even in bright sunlight. All of this sounds quite good to be correct, and apparently if there will be any big or small cautions to be concerned about, then the company might have thought they weren’t important to be told at its press release.

Now let’s just wait until company starts shipping this smartwatch, because only then it can be reviewed and improvements about its battery life can be told.
Talking about specifications is that it has a screen of 1.34 inches with a resolution of 320×300p.

The samples will be available in March while the mass production of the smartwatch is planned to start in the month of July.