Brian Blair of Rosenblatt Securities has brought us some more iWatch rumors from Taiwan. Supply chain sources in charge of manufacturing the iWatch reveal that Apple’s iWatch will have a circular shape. This is the first time that circular screens like these are being made. Another smartwatch that is being manufactured in this form factor is the Moto 360.

According to the sources, Apple’s iWatch will be slimmer than the moto 360. Apple will probably try to make this device as slim and elegant as possible.

iWatch rumored to be circular and slimmer than Moto 360 - 2 -- Doi Toshin

The manufacture of iWatch is expected to begin in July or August. This may very well become a hot product for Apple. 18 to 21 million units of the iWatch are expected to be produced in the second half of year 2014. They seem to be very confident in this product and expect it to sell very well. iWatches for males and females are planned but the differences between them have not been revealed yet.

In the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) Apple did not reveal anything significant about the iWatch or iPhone 6. The iWatch is expected to work together with both OS X Yosemite and iOS 8. The new iOS app HomeKit seems to be made to work specifically with the iWatch. It will help users pair iOS devices like iPad and iPhone to appliances and locks in the house. The iWatch might be intended to do things like turn lights on and open locks etc.

One more app that seems to be made for iWatch is the HealthKit. Other wearable device similar to the Nike Fuelband could be used to collect data like calories burned, steps walked, sleep patterns, heart rate and other information.

Since Samsung already has the galaxy gear watch, Apple will want to secure its place in the wearables market with its own product. The battle between the two companies could take wearables to a whole new level.