As part of inaugural Girls in Tech conference in Phoenix, Arizona which took place last week, Scottsdale-based software company Axosoft, started #ItWasNeverADress campaign. The campaign sign is a remake of the generic lady in a dress symbol which is commonly seen in the women’s bathroom. From the traditionally triangular symbol, it was changed to a female figure wearing a cape which turns the female from a normal female to a superhero.

The campaign symbol was created by the company’s Curator of Code, Tania Katan who was tasked to design a symbol for women in tech. She then thought of the normal sign which we always see whenever we go to women’s bathroom. The new symbol hopefully will shift the way that we look  or feel about women and their unique way of expressing themselves in their daily life.

On the interview with Mashable, Katan said that she thought perhaps we were always seeing her from the back and we turned her around that we realized that she’s a superhero and that she had been there the whole time. Therefore, it shifted her perception and now when she saw everyday symbols, she could not see it the same way and when you saw this shift, everything becomes fodder for reimagining.

Apart from the above event, Axosoft is also organizing similar events and partnered with CodaKid, a coding school for elementary aged students in Arizona.