Few days back, Apple had announced about the iTunes U as the company’s initiative platform for the educational market. However, at the moment not much info could be found out from iTunes U but news are that the company is working very hard to bring and introduce new features to iTunes U wherein professors could now be able to create courses and even help students to solve their difficulties.

For this, there will be some big changes brought to the application that will enable students to directly interact with their professors, within the app itself and with each other themselves. This will make iTunes U and even more comprehensive educational hub wherein students will have all their study relating material and work course at just one place. This would help professors and teachers to create courses in the app and would even be able to manage class materials from some other applications to their iPads. A camera integration has also been offered so that in case of site visits as a part of your educational curriculum, you will be able to take photos of sites and share it with other students in iTunes U.

This update has arrived very fast as a competition to the Samsung’s newly advanced School Suite that facilitates teachers to provide content to its students simultaneously encouraging more and more students to get involved in group projects. Recently Samsung also launched its Galaxy Tab 4 Education.

So even if the rivalry continues between the two tech giants, one thing is sure that the student community would benefit a lot from it.