The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus comes with scratchproof sapphire glass displays according to the Tim Cook & Crew report. They have mentioned the feature about the display last night although this cans a simple rumor too! Moreover, having the extra tough materials is the fact for the major disappointment.

A Phone Arena regular reader has sent a voice recording regarding the confirmation of iPhones scrape-proof sapphire glass display where two Apple representatives was on the line with their supervisors and sales team. Both of the side confirmed iPhones scratch proof sapphire glass displays. Moreover, from a trusted source, we have known that Friday, September 12 will be the first pre-order date which is confirmed by the iPhone representatives.

iPhones feautered scratch proof sapphire glass display

However, misunderstanding the news can be happened but the live discussion audio file looks clear cut and a good indication the pre-order too. This was a 7-minute voice recording that is linked live to you. Listen and be first to have the scratch proof news as soon as possible.