Many people don’t like using screen protectors with their iPhones because screen protector takes away the look and feel of the phone. Zagg has solved this problem by making a tempered glass screen protector. This screen protector is made of glass, so it provides better protection against scratches while also looking much better than other screen protectors.

Many iPhone users take good care of their phones so that they can sell them later and maybe buy the new iPhone when it comes out. The first thing that you want to protect on an iPhone is the screen. Screen protectors can get the job done but they decrease the responsiveness of the screen as well as make it look like plastic.

The Invisible Shield Glass Protector is made from tampered glass which should protect the iPhone’s screen from scratches. An iPhone that does not have scratches on the screen has more value so it can be sold for more money.

iPhone Invisible Shield Glass Protector Is Arguably The Best - 3 -- Doi Toshin

The Glass protector should only take about three minutes to install. First you clean the screen with a damp cloth and then dry it using a microfiber cloth both of which are included. After that you just paste the glass protector on the screen and rub from the centre to the edges to remove the bubbles. If everything went correctly than you should not be able to tell that a screen protector is being used or not.

iPhone Invisible Shield Glass Protector Is Arguably The Best - 2 -- Doi Toshin

The Invisible Shield Glass Protector is 0.4 millimeters thick but its hard to tell that its there at all. The glass protector’s surface is really smooth. It does not affect screen brightness either. The glass protector is oil resistant which means less smudges and fingerprints on the screen. Zagg is giving a lifetime guarantee on the glass protector as well.

Zagg Invisible Shield Glass screen protector for the iPhone 5s costs $34.99

Screen protectors for many other phones and tablets are also available.