This is actually a good news to an iPhone user and a gamer. The recent patent applied by Apple to USPTO is the usage of home button which is going to be doubled as a joystick.According to the patent images, the home button will be slightly emerged from the standard position. Therefore, it will allow gamers to use it as an additional input controller. it is faintly hinted that this home button or joystick will have similarity as a regular gamepad.

There are a few advantages for this joystick button. Firstly, it will allow developer to implement their creativity and create game with better interface which they were not allowed to do so in the past due to hardware limitation. Secondly, it will allow the iPhone users to reach the part of the games which you cannot do it before on the screen.

On the other hand, there is also some disadvantages to this feature. One of it is that since the button will be emerged from its default position, it will increase the probability of the button to be damaged due to the usage.

Overall, what do you think of this joystick feature? Do you like it?