Jefferies report
One of the well-reputed market analysis and research firms has just made a wild prediction. Ange Wu, an analyst from Jefferies, yesterday upgraded Foxconn’s stock to purchase a huge number of metal casings. According to Wu, the company has managed to get the half of the mental casings order that will be used in the expected iPhone 6C. The real interesting news for consumers is that there is going to be an iPhone 6C, and it will not have an unpleasant plastic chassis like iPhone 5C did.iPhone 6c

Apple’s possible plan
For some time, people were hearing rumors about a possible “C” model. Besides other rumors, it is also being claimed that the possible “C” model will have a 4-inch display screen. According to the Jefferies’s analyst, this new affordable iPhone with cheap metal chassis is going to be released in the first half of the year 2016. It will be a new trend because Apple usually launches product in the fall. This information conform with another well-known analyst’s ambigious prediction that there will be no 4-inch display iPhone 6C this year. This means it will be launched in 2016. In a memo to the clients, it was stated that though iPhone 6C is designed as an extended version, it will have typical Apple style metal casing. It will be a modified verson of iPhone 5c model.

Other iPhones
In addition to this, the Jefferies report also gives a hint that there will be iPhone 6S/6S Plus by the end of this year. The same chassis will be used in them as in the current iPhones. The research firm says that the experienced gained from iPhone 6/6 Plus rear metal casings will keep FTC as the main supplier for the iPhone 6S/ 6S plus which means also for the iPhone 6c.