The iPhone 6 topic is getting much hotter these days! Well, what makes fans more curious about the device is the prediction that the device will come with many special features and whole new functionality. A recent report coming from China shows that Apple is planning to introduce a new haptic feedback system to its upcoming iPhone 6.

Now this is really interesting! The iPhone 6 is likely to get a new vibrator which would create haptic feedback for different levels of vibration intensity including soft and gentle touch to rough and robust screen operations. Moreover, based on the area on interaction on the screen, the system will provide different feedback. This could lead into more immersive applications and a new platform for app developers to play with!

However, such a advanced system would surely bring up the cost for the device higher. This could also mean that the gadget could be costing nearly three times that of the existing iPhone 5s. But this are just the news in the air at the moment and there is no official news to hold water and so we would like you to take it with a pinch of salt.