With new smartphones of all the major phone manufactures already on show, it looks as though now is Apple’s turn. Especially as it has been quite a while since Apple’s last smartphone, the iPhone 5c was out, many are looking forward to a new one – the next generation iPhone which may well be released on September this year.

Following the last month announcement of the iOS 8 operating system, which is expected to be released on September this year, many are suggesting that the iPhone 6 will probably also be released the same month shortly after the release of the OS.

Apple also said that iOS 8 is “the biggest release since the launch of the App Store, giving users incredible new features and developers the tools they need to create amazing new apps”. Which can hint that iPhone 6 might also be ‘the biggest release’ and that it could come with scores of new features. But what are the features that the Cupertino giant is expected to introduce on it’s newest smartphone?

One of the major changes Apple is expected to do is remove the 3.5mm analog audio jack and replace it with a Lightening port that is much smaller. This will also make the new design look lighter and thinner.

Apple was also reported to file patent for NFC a couple of months ago which indicates that the new phone could be NFC enabled. NFC (Near Field Communication) is a technology that enables the exchange of data between similar devices within a set range of distance and Apple could implement it for a mobile payment feature as well as use it to improve it’s wireless sharing tools.

iphone 6

iPhone 6 release date rumored to be September 19

Many claims put forward September, September 19th to be specific, as the release date of the 8th generation iPhone.

Even though there are also some other rumors that Apple has encountered some production issues which could delay the release of the phone until 2015, it’s very likely that the phone will not hit shelves on a month other than September. One reason that backs this up is the fact that the iOS 8, the operating system that iPhone 6 is believed to be coming pre-installed with, is launching that month.

As a matter of course, Apple releases its iPhones between the months June to October ever since the release of the first generation iPhone back in 2007. That is another reason to believe September is the month we might see the phone on sale on the market. Apple has also been reported to limit holidays to its workers during September which should signal they’re planning something big.

Apart from that, there are also reports that two iPhones with different design will be released, one in August and another one in September with display sizes of 4.7- and 5.6-inches respectively. But it’s highly unlikely that Apple will release two smartphones in such a short period of time.

Price of the phone

What the iPhone 6 will be sold for when it hits shelves is not officially known. But many are giving their estimation that it will be sold with a price similar to that of the predecessors, or specifically starting from £549.

While discussing the price and release date, it’s also worth pointing out that there are fraudulent phishing emails going around that claim that the new iPhone has already been released. They try to to persuade you into clicking a link to a phishing site and fill out ID and password, which is nothing but scam.

Possible new features

As far as the overall new features and improvements are concerned, one of the major changes that are expected to be made on the new iPhone is upgraded internal storage capacity which could go up to 128 GB as opposed to the legacy 64 GB capacity Apple seems to stick with for long.

Another new possible feature is display with rounded edges, sidewall display capabilities as well as Sapphire glass screen protection so as to make it strong and unbreakable. The iPhone 6 could also sport a 10-megapizel camera with so many new and improved features including optical image stabilization. Wireless charging capability is also another thing that Apple is likely to add into it’s newest handset.

Below is rumored specs of the upcoming iPhone 6:

Release date: September 19th
OS:  iOS 8
Display: 5.6-inches display with 1704 x 960 Pixel resolution
Camera: 10MP
Internal Storage: up to 128 GB