Every awaiting iPhone creates un-parallel buzz in the mobile market. Since there is a speculation of its new upcoming iPhone 6 elongated size up to 4.7 inch, anticipation has become much more. People have been hard at work creating 3D modeled representations of what they want the handset to look like and which features they hope make the jump from wish list to reality.

While there are many concepts floating online, here are three intriguing concepts by designers based on features, designs and functions. The concept video by designer Sahanan Yogarasa imagines an iPhone 6 ‘Pro’ having a notification light at the bottom of the handset below the home button. It has a stylus called iStick on the side of the device that extends once taken out of the handset measuring only 7.2 mm in thickness.

It also features an iController, which looks like a game controller from one of today’s consoles. This controller would not only offer gamers a way of controlling their in-game characters that more closely resembles traditional gaming, but it would also have a built-in projector. Once your phone is docked inside, the iController projects games on the wall. We’re not sure how many people would rather view a game on a wall when they can see it on an HD screen on their phone. What might be useful is the holographic QWERTY that is projected.

As for internals, iPhone 6 Pro concept comes with a 3-megapixel HD front facing camera,a 16-megapixel camera in the rear and an Apple A9 chip instead of an A8 processor. A heart rate sensor is also included which would tie in nicely with Apple’s rumored health-oriented apps and smartwatch.It mirrors a feature that Samsung included on board its brand new Galaxy S5.

Some concepts are developed around a large dose of reality, while others are way out there. Would you like to see any of these features on an iPhone 6?