Well a lot of people are showing interest in iPhone 6 and there have been quite a few leaks about the phone already. If this trend continues, we don’t think Apple would have a lot to show when they finally unveil iPhone6. There were days where the tech giant’s logistics and supply chain was much solid and tough to crack, we are seeing a new leak every other day now.

Iphone 6 2

The latest leak popped up on a French blog nowhereelse.fr and it flaunts a 4.6 inch iPhone in black and white variants. It has also been a source of similar leak before and this leak confirms the earlier one.  The devices in the images look like plastic dummy models; design appears similar to that of HTC one maintaining the out of the league Apple iPhone aesthetics.

The blog nowhereelse.fr hasn’t mentioned the source of these leaked dummy handsets and it’s obvious. We have got information from our sources that the 5.5 inch variants might not be out until next year. IPhone 5s is very slim at just 7.6 mm thickness; however the iPhone 6 is expected to be slimmer at just 6 mm thickness.

We don’t expect an official announcement from Apple despite of all these leaks in the coming WWDC event. The developers’ conference will just have new iOS as highlight. We expect an announcement from Apple in September this year. Keep watching this space for more updates on IPhone 6.

Images credit : nowhereelse.fr