A few months ago, a rumor spread throughout the tech news and websites that touch ID fingerprint sensors features will be in the new iPad Air 2, iPhone6 and iPad mini 3 Apple models. Now, this rumor is very close to be in reality. Recently, China has reported that next-generation of Apple phones with Touch ID sensors are completed and ready to launch in the market too!

Apple next generator Smartphones have got fingerprint technology from the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) industry. The relationship between Apple and TSMC is increasing highly with the signed deal with this company to make some chips for upcoming tablets and Smartphones. In fact, this Taiwan Company has become the biggest supplier of Apple Company.



The unpleasant meeting in court with the company, Apple has linked with TSMC. However, Apple designs the chips and other company builds them.

However, the release date of the first batch of Touch ID Sensors is not announced yet! But, this indicates that Apple is busy with preparing the lineup and launched newly featured Smartphones to the market.

However, Touch ID fingerprint sensor feature has already available in the iPhone 5S too! However, any iPad and iPod do not have any Touch ID fingerprint technology till now. When Apple is asked why iPad Air did not have the features? Very simple answer coming from the Director that iPad designer and developer team did not find out the way to put this feature to the previous Smartphone.

This time the iPad team has found the way to put Touch ID fingerprint sensor on iPad Air and iPad Mini with good software development and design.

Now, this is the waiting time for the new report on the release date of the first batch Touch ID sensors in the new Smartphones of Apple.