Much rumors and leaks are floating for the Apple iPhone 6 these days and there is one more on our way. The much anticipated Apple A8 chipset has recently been leaked out by a French publication NoWhereElse.

As seen above the Apple A8 chipset gets pictures along with the Apple A5 besides, showing up the new chipset to be larger in comparison. Till now, the Apple A5 was the biggest chipset after which Apple reduced its size in its successor Apple A6 and Apple A7. Looking to its dimensions, the Apple A5 measures 122.2 sq-mm while the A7 is 102 sq-mm. With an even larger size of the Apple A8, this shows that Apple might plan to jump to a quad-core architecture from its current dual-core architecture. However, this leak still remains much unconfirmed and we would like you to take it with a pinch of salt.

The latest available Apple iPhone 5s has a custom processor with a Swift processor and we can expect the Apple A8 chipset to come with further more enhancements. Things might get official at an upcoming Apple event on September 9th next week.