Apple has always surprised us with its innovation. Their entire product range since the first product that they released never failed to awe us.  In this entry, we are going to talk about iPad Air 2 which is awesome too!

When the original iPad was released, it was all good except for the casing. Not only it was terribly designed but the material appallingly rigid therefore, it is more uncomfortable to use it. The latest product in Apple iPad range is the iPad Air 2. The best thing about this device is that it is thin, incredibly thin. The display of iPad Air 2 is less glossy, laminated and comes with 9.7-inch of Retina display. It feels like you are holding a digital magazine for the first time ever. You could comfortably use it on the sofa watching TV, while reading a book in bed, for sending emails while travelling and everywhere else.

Despite of its thin feature, it is much more powerful and capable than any of other iOS device ever released. It is also much faster than an older version of MacBook released from two or three years ago. The Safari tabs do not reload even with 10 of them open. You also can switch apps while doing something else and pick up right where you left off without the OS dumping whatever app was in the background.

However, actually we expected more capability on the software side but I think it will be fulfilled in the next release. When Apple introduces a larger iPad, the multitasking feature whereby more than two screens able to display side by side, we are hoping to see such a feature in the iPad Air range too.