Do you enjoy the iTunes extras on Mac device recently? Then, you should also want to enjoy the feature in the desktop affairs, don’t you?

Apple is going to bring iTunes extras to the iOS 8 as well as on Apple TV in the fall. IOS8 iTunes extras will be set perfectly with its all features to have a cool device soon.

ITunes extras are giving you everything for purchasing a simple movie from the iTunes. As a result, you will get full movies with so many things including costume concept designs, director’s commentary, deleted scenes, production images and many more. For getting the iTunes extras to your movie on the Apple TV, you need to update the version 6.2.

IOS8 iTunes Extras are ahead to the market 2

The movie studios can easily add extra contents to any movie whenever they want to. Therefore, you will get the full and additional bonuses of footage in the movie after purchasing the movie from the iTunes.

IOS8 iTunes extras will be soon available in the mobile phones of Apple in this fall that will bring more interesting features to your mobile. The Apple product users are going to have extra and interesting footage soon because of iTunes extras.