The days are not far when you can browse the internet directly from your wrist. An iOS developer and jailbreaker Nicholas Allegra, popularly known  by his handle comex, has shown a web browser running on the tiny 1.5-inch screen of his Apple Watch. “I always wanted a web browser running on my wrist” he tweeted.

comex successfully hacked the Apple Watch OS and managed to get a web browser running on it. He has posted a short 15-second video on mobypicture in which he taps and zooms on the Google homepage on the Apple Watch’s screen. Naturally, its functionality is limited due to the tiny screen and absence of a keyboard. Comex hasn’t given any details about how he did it but he has been able to run the Safari browser on the Watch even though Apple has not included the Safari browser app in it.

web browser on apple watch-2

comex has also posted a picture of the Apple Watch showing the iOS dictionary view on Twitter.


  Some people doubt comex’s feat and speculate that the browser demo is “just an app” but he denies it.  


Comex may be working on Apple Watch jailbreak to break Apple’s restrictions and use unsupported software. Apple has announced earlier that it was working on a native SDK which will be available later in the year. It will enable developers to create apps that could run code on the Watch OS itself. Currently, the apps are loaded through iPhone as Watchkit extensions via Bluetooth.

Comex is known for releasing JailbreakMe, a  one-tap jailbreaking tool in 2011 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.